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Below are photos and descriptions of some of our more popular items. Some are only made on specific days, but are available frozen on other days. We have a rotating menu with a much larger selection of items in our store (40-50 items every day). Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for photos and more info about all our products!

All items are made in a dedicated gluten free facility. Some items are also dairy/egg/soy/nut free (although not dedicated). Look for "Contains" below or contact us about other food sensitivities.

Soft Pretzels

These 4 oz chewy soft pretzels are delicious alone or can be made into a meal. Enjoy fresh, toasted, with cream cheese, as a BLT, mini pizza or sandwich. The possibilities are endless if you can keep them around more than 5 minutes! Made fresh every Sat/Sun, or by special order with a minimum.

Vegan; Bonus: one pretzel contains nine grams of fiber!!
Store: counter (best fresh); reheat: toast or microwave 20-30 sec
Nutrition Label

Cinnamon Rolls

Gooey and scrumptious cinnamon rolls, with a delicious cinnamony filling, and frosting or caramel pecan topping.

Contains: dairy, eggs
Store: refrigerator; best warmed: remove from pan and microwave 60 sec

Take 'n Bake Cinnamon Rolls

Same as our baked cinnamon rolls, but fresh and hot whenever you want! Store refrigerated up to 36 hours or weeks in the freezer till you're ready. Comes with instructions and cream cheese frosting on the side.

Contains: dairy, eggs
Store: freezer or refrigerator

Almond Poppy Seed Bread w/ Lemon Glaze

Tender and moist poppy seed quick bread, with a side of lemon almond glaze for the top. Dairy free.

Contains: eggs, almond milk/extract
Store: counter or refrigerator

Chocolate Cream Pie

Made with a GF chocolate cookie crust, this pie has a rich, creamy center topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. This generous slice from a 9" pie is a special treat! Full size (9") also available in store.

Contains: eggs, dairy, soy lecithin
Store: refrigerator or freezer

Available in store only (no delivery).

Key Lime Pie

5" key lime pie with little bits of lime zest in a buttery graham cracker crust, the perfect balance of tart and creamy! Full size (9") also available in store.

Contains: eggs, dairy
Store: refrigerator or freezer

Available in store only (no delivery).

Tres Leches Cake

Classic yellow cake soaked in "three milks", topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, this is a decadent treat.

Contains: egg, dairy
Store: refrigerator

Dairy Free Apple Fritter

Cinnamony apple goodness fried and coated with a light glaze. Made only on Saturdays, or by special order.

Contains: egg, almond milk
Store: counter (best fresh)

Lemon Bar

Made with real lemon juice, this bar is tart and flavorful...not too sweet! Store: refrigerator

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This decadent 4 ounce personal-sized cake is made with real dark chocolate, and dusted with cocoa for a rich, fudgy taste. Enjoy as is, or warm it up and add your favorite toppings! Dairy free.

Contains: eggs
Store: counter or fridge

Almond Biscotti (2 ct)

These "twice baked" Italian treats are lightly sweet and dairy free. They last up to 3 weeks on the counter, longer in the fridge, so order up!

Contains: egg, almond
Store: counter

Cashew Cranberry Biscotti (2 ct)

Similar to our classic Almond Biscotti, but with cashews and dried cranberries. A pop of flavor that is so yummy with your morning coffee.

Contains: eggs, cashews, almond extract
Store: counter

Pecan Pie Bars

This treat tastes just like it sounds: your favorite pie in the form of a bar! Rich and caramelly filling on a shortbread crust.

Contains: pecans, butter, eggs
Store: counter or refrigerator
Nutrition Label

Hoagie Rolls

Made with the same great recipe as our sandwich bread, these bad boys are ready sooner because they don't need to wait for slicing. Cut them up for dipping in olive oil, slice them lengthwise for cheese bread, a meatball sub with sauce and cheese, etc. More ways to use...

Contains: egg whites
Store: counter or refrigerator
Nutrition Label

Seven Layer Bars

Delectable layers of chocolate and salted caramel chips, coconut and a gooey filling on a graham cracker base. If you haven't tried one of these yet, they are such a treat!

Contains: cashews, dairy, coconut
Store: counter

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These buttery, chewy chocolate chip cookies are soft and gooey on the inside with a lightly crispy edge. Same great recipe, but now 2.25 oz of goodness!

Contains: butter, eggs
Store: counter


This classic cookie has been taken to another level with Heath toffee bits to make it the best Snickerdoodle on the market. Elevate your cookie game with a four pack of these!

Contains: butter, eggs, almond, soy lecithin
Store: counter

Sandwich Bread

Made with a high-quality blend of superfine ground flours, our bread delivers a soft, chewy texture, while holding together much better than most gluten-free breads. Two grams of fiber per serving! More info...

Contains: egg whites
Store: counter or refrigerator
Nutrition Label

Whoopie Pie

Two fudgy sandwich cookies with marshmallow whip filling

Contains: eggs, dairy
Store: counter or refrigerator

All Purpose Flour Blend - 3 lbs

All Purpose Flour Blend, perfect for pancakes, waffles, muffins, quickbreads, biscuits and more!

Contains: superfine ground rice, tapioca starch, potato starch, xanthan gum
Store: counter or refrigerator