Our Philosophy

Bake the Hard Stuff

There are several options on the market for gluten-free products like bread, muffins, cookies and pizza crust. We want to provide outstanding versions of those, of course. However, we also want to take on the really difficult gluten-free products like soft pretzels and cinnamon rolls. We have plans for many more.

The Best Ingredients for the Best Taste

We source the best gluten-free ingedients available to craft the most delicious gluten-free food on the market.

No Additives/Preservatives

We use natural ingredients in the great gluten-free products at Crestone Bakery. For instance, rather than buying lemon or lime juice, we squeeze it from the fruit ourselves. It tastes better that way. We even use some organic ones too.

Baking Gluten Free for better taste and a better planet

Not only do we want to make delicious gluten-free goods but also using as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Currently, we are a small bakery with big ideas, so our ability to drive our carbon footprint lower is limited. So, what does that mean right now?

We are trying to do our part to leave the planet a better place for future generations. As we grow, we'll continue to invest in more environment friendly options to lower our carbon footprint as far as we can. Ideally, we'd be carbon negative across our entire supply chain, from the farm all the way to your table. We can't be just another bakery, we have to find a better way.